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NVEY ECO Organic 'Erase' Concealer

Although I'd like the world to think that I have perfect skin, the reality is - I don't. In fact, I'm not sure that it even exists (sorry ladies, hate to give you away.) I'm having major issues with my skin right now and I've always had dark circles under my eyes that are straight out of a vampire movie. Concealer is a friend I cannot live without.

This past Christmas I received a make-up bag full of NVEY ECO products from my trusty skin care supplier, S. (It's good to have a sister who shares the same love of products as I do!) We were both very excited to hear about a company who was creating certified organic makeup and we wanted to try it out for ourselves. When I applied the sweet smelling concealer to my spots and circles that Christmas morning, I was stunned at how well it actually worked. (Yes, it's true that even I am initially skeptical at how well a pure, organic product will stand up to real-world tests. It's something I'm working on.)

The coverage of Erase was not cakey at all, but somehow did a fantastic job of covering the things I did not want to be seen. I use concealer to cover my entire eyelid and the dark circles under my eye, so it's important to me that the product that I use is not toxic in any way. The natural and organic ingredients, including Vitamin A, C & E, in this product stimulate blood flow and provide protection for the skin. So it is actually working on those spots - not just covering them up!

To find out more about why switching to natural and organic makeup is a investment in your health, check out the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics website. If you're like me and cannot live without your concealer, or if you just need it now and then (lucky you) - Erase is the answer to your "can't always be perfect" dilemna. To buy Erase online, check it out here or if you live near a Sephora you can pick it up the next time you're out!


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