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Blooming Lotus Organics

Jen Denslow, "obsessive label reader" and owner of Blooming Lotus Organics, can be found most days mixing essential oil blends in the artsy district of Kansas City, Missouri. Her products are truly a delight to the senses, a marriage of nourishing ingredients and amazing scents.

Picture shows "Fairy Mist", but my absolute favorite is Soulshine. An invigorating mandarin, lemon & spearmint spritzer that will leave you refreshed and happy (yes, when I smell this it just makes me happy). Absolutely ideal to use on those oh-so-hot (and depending on where you live, possibly humid) days. Perfect for summer or any time you need some cheering up!

It's not as easy as one might think to find a body lotion that is without nasties (i.e. parabens, petroleum, mineral oil...) so I was pleased to find that the ingredient list reads very well, it smells heavenly and smoothes skin nicely. Fairy Dew is a pleasant peaceful aroma filled with lavender, frankincense & lime.

If you are a lover of all things chocolate, you will LOVE this totally pampering Chocolate Rose Body Polish that is so pure you could eat it; and yes, I did (just a teeny-tiny bit) and it even tastes delicious. This will smooth your rough spots, leave you moisturized & might even leave you with an after-shower chocolate craving.

The Mandarin Rose Lip Conditioner is a really nice lip balm that is designed to nourish, protect & repair. It's a great blend of citrus and rose and comes in a much bigger tube (.35 oz) than most lip balms so it will last you much longer.

Jen has often been called an "ingredient snob" but I like that about her. She really walks the talk. And of course none of the products are tested on animals, contain petroleum products, dyes, synthetic fragrance or preservatives.


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