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Woodsy Washing

Made with only pure organic oils and wildcrafted trimmings from California trees, these soaps really do remind me of the coast of California where the merging of salty ocean air and sweet pine is refreshingly crisp and familiar. With scents like Coastal Sage, California Bay Laurel and Sierra Cedar, how can they not?

"Wildcrafting" is the harvesting of plants growing out in the wilderness, not farmed or tended too. Juniper Ridge is careful to obtain tree trimmings (with permission) from the deserts and mountains in California, in a way that does no harm to the tree and they donate 10% of their profits to defend Western wilderness.

Great for both men and women alike, you'll find no floral or fruity scents in the bunch; just woodsy, grassy, piney aromas that will remind you of that trip to Big Sur (or the one you'd like to take).


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