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A River Runs Through It

EcoLips has been featured in many glossies including Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire & Vegetarian Times. And their "Pot of Gold" is apparently a favorite of Scarlett Johansson. I've tried both their Gold and Hemp balms (just don't leave it in the car in the blistering heat). You may also want to snag their oh-so-handy carabiner EcoClip to attach to the inside of your bag so your hand doesn't have to search aimlessly at the bottom of it. And if you're still in search of an affordable lip color that is without nasties...check out their LipTints. I've personally blended their Mocha Velvet and Plush Red together for a nice color combo & since summer's here I may just have to try Rose Quartz. The nice thing about them is that you can use just a bit for a hint of color or really slather it on for more impact.

Located in Cedar Springs, Iowa, EcoLips headquarters was flooded a couple weeks ago forcing them to move to an alternate location which obviously put business at a standstill. They were able to get most of their product and equipment out before their entire sales, ops & distribution departments were under water. Help EcoLips recover from the flood. Now through August 31st, get a free EcoLips Gold Lip balm with any order over $10 and free shipping with orders over $15. Just enter "FLOOD" as your promo code at checkout.


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