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Keeping Pets Safe

With the recent concerns about BPA in plastics and lead in toys for kids, have we stopped to think about our pets? After all, they chew on toys more throughout their lifetime than kids do, and while extremely important to ensure children's safety, if your pet is apart of the family, like ours, you're likely concerned about this as well. Any pet we had growing up was a part of the family since both our parents are animal lovers. It was not uncommon for our Dad to bring home an injured owl, bobcat, turkey or snake to nurse back to health before releasing. Now, having a 1-year old Retriever and a sometimes sweet/sometimes feral 3 ½ yr old tabby cat, I try to seek out the best products for them be it shampoo, food or toys in an effort to keep them as healthy as possible. It seems as though I’ve been hearing more and more about dogs getting cancer and cats dying of kidney failure than ever before, which has me wondering…why?

On a recent hunt for safe pet toys I stumbled upon a great company that makes dog & cat toys out of organic cotton & organic wool in the US. I was pleased to discover that their retail shop & workshop are within driving distance, so yesterday I drove to Chesterton, Indiana for a visit. Purrfect Play is unsuspectingly located on the first floor of a historic building across from the town square. The retail shop itself is not much bigger than a walk-in closet, but they are primarily an e-commerce operation, doing 90% of their business online. I was fortunate enough to meet the owner, Pam Wheelock who is truly passionate about animals & the safety of what they are eating, playing with, tugging & chewing on. She gave a tour of their workshop, explained how their popular alpaca and merino wool toy balls are created (it’s quite a lengthy process that they have perfected) and took a generous amount of time with us telling stories, exciting us about great products and informing us about the harm that plastic & heavy-metal dyed toys can do to our furry friends.

Their wool is sourced from a small Michigan farm raising sheep that only eat organically. To learn about why they use dye-free and organic material, click here. Along with their own products, Purrfect Play sells natural mosquito spray for dogs, hemp collars, organic dog treats, natural pet shampoo bars & biodegradable doggie bags. They are members of Co-Op America & Organic Trade Association. If you are concerned about the safety of your pet’s toys, check them out! You’re pet will thank you!


P.S. To find out what happened when Consumer Affairs had a lab test pet toys from a major big box chain, click here.

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