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Foaming At The Mouth

Shaving is a ritual and this Shaving Gift Set pays homage to the past making it a great gift for the man in your life. Inside the fair trade wild-grass box you'll find an ultra-classic shaving brush made with super soft animal-free bristles made by Muhle-Pinsel who have been making shaving brushes for 150 years. The hand-carved shaving mug made from a single piece of reclaimed wood is finished with food-grade oil. And it wouldn't be complete without two totally organic soap bars for him to foam up with (Basil & Mint and Cedarwood Lavender). All of this is wrapped up with an organic cotton ribbon to boot!

The meaning behind the Skinny Skinny Soaps name is two-fold. Since they create products that are for "Skin" and they are located in Brooklyn, "NY" they put the two together and voila..."SkinNY"! The other reason why the name makes such great sense is because their soaps are without all the nasties that conventional soaps contain. And I'm of course happy to report that all of their products contain AT LEAST 96% certified organic ingredients! Not only are their ingredients fabulous, but they buy enough wind-power to cover their electricity usage and purchase carbon offsets for everything else. Even their packaging is 100% recycled, reclaimed &/or sustainable. Now this is a company I dig!


P.S. Right now, if you purchase $40 or more online they'll throw in their hemp/recycled bottles tote for FREE :)

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