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Don't Spill The Beans

Another great gift find for Dad is this Forrestal Gift Box filled with two bags of organic/fair-trade coffee and a stonecast USA-made mug (nestled in 100% recycled shredded paper, of course). Located in Poulsbo, Washington, this family owned & operated company offers a variety of certified USDA Organic & Fair Trade coffee. Like my fair trade chocolate article, coffee-producing countries are suffering greatly & their economies are collapsing.

According to Oxfam America: "Many developing nations depend on coffee as their chief export, and their entire economies are collapsing with the market. In Ethiopia, the government has lost twice as much revenue to the coffee market as it has received through debt relief. The repercussions of this crisis will last for decades, holding back efforts around the world to help developing countries move out of poverty."

Not only does Grounds For Change ethically source their beans, they donate 1% of total sales to For The Planet and offset 100% of their non-renewable energy consumption.

They're offering our readers 10% off of any purchase (including sale items) through June 30, 2008. Enter "FS68" as a coupon code during checkout. Nice!


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