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Can't Get Enough?

Only one month after of our launch here at Fig+Sage, PriceGrabber contacted us with a desire for one of us to be their new “green blogger” for their ShopGreen site. Many of you may have heard of or used PriceGrabber before….a very handy online price comparison tool. You can search for items you are looking for, shop the lowest price & get merchant reviews, all in one convenient place. One year ago this month, PriceGrabber decided to group eco-friendly, natural & organic items and put them all together on one site. We’re excited to find products we love; some of them we’ve already reviewed here. And I think it’s just great they want me to write about any relevant products or "green" industry trends I choose, things I love and cool things I’ve found!

So if you just can’t get enough here, check out even more thoughts, opinions & finds on the ShopGreen Blog. And don’t fret, I have plenty to share with you so I’ll still be posting here too!


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