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Way Out Wax Launches 'True Organics' candles

I'm so excited that one of my favorite candlemakers has just launched their True Organics line and raises the bar by offering 100% GMO & Pesticide-Free Soy Wax candles scented only with 100% certified organic essentials oils!!! (Anyone that knows me, knows that I love candles)! These are geared toward the conscious consumer; one interested in ethically sourced ingredients, recycled and reusable packaging and pure plant aromatherapy. If you're thinking "yah, yah everybody sells soy wax candles", be aware that not all soy wax is created equal and the large majority of soy wax candles are still filled with synthetic fragrance oils created in a lab. Why should we care about synthetic fragrance/perfume? Because most of them contain hormone-disruptors called phthalates that get into our bodies via inhalation or absorbtion through the skin.

Trying to find a candle scented with only pure essential oils is no small task, not to mention oils that are certified organic! Not only will soy wax burn more slowly than paraffin, but it's safer for all members of the family including kids & pets as they are much less likely to trigger allergies and don't produce carcinogens (like paraffin does when it's burned).

Vermont-based Way Out Wax was founded in 1992 and offers a full range of all-natural candles and use only pure, plant-based essential oils, refusing to use synthetic fragrance, candle dyes, chemical scent enhancers or boosters. (Love it!) Choose amongst six aromatherapeutic scents in three sizes. My candles are on their way to me as I type, but I wanted to get the word out to you right away. After I get a whiff, I'll post again to let you know my favorites :)


Update: My fave is Sol Tranquility...a sparkling citrus blend with spicy cinnamon and soothing lavender!

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