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Make It Right with Butter Cream

May 2009 Update: Fig+Sage no longer supports, endorses or uses Suki products.  To learn why, read this post and post comments on this SukiSpa post.  

Suki is donating $1 of every Butter Cream Salve sale to Brad Pitt's Make It Right NOLA charity through June 30th. He's helping rebuild New Orleans with cutting edge "green" design that is stronger and affordable. In order to provide a visual representation of their goal, 150 mock homes were constructed from scaffolding and covered in pink to show where each home would be built to give hope to a community and inspire potential donors. (Check out the pictures , they're amazing). So far, funds have been raised to build a little over half of what the goal is. On the website, you can donate as little as $5, or pick up some butter cream salve to help via Suki (every little bit helps). The salve is great to use anywhere you need more moisture...hands, feet, elbows...and helps heal burns, bruises, eczema & sunburns to name a few! After so many wrongs occured in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, when Brad Pitt visited the devastated area, a man who had lost everything asked him to "make it right" and he is working towards doing just that.


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