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This Just In :: BABYBEARSHOP Giveaway Results!

Nikki, one of the winners of our Mother's Day Giveaway just emailed us & we wanted to share with you (with her permission of course) in case you were still wondering if BABYBEARSHOP was worth a try. Short answer, it is. Need more convincing? Keep reading!

"Hello! I just wanted to let you know how much I adore these products. Not only are the items adorable but they are soooo good. The Mama Belly Oil is so aromatic, not too strong though. And it rubs right into your skin so you're not rubbing forever. It's so moisturizing and luxurious feeling. I know they're generally for pregnant women but I'm not pregnant and I use and love it! I will definitely be buying more when mine runs out. Mmm it just smells and feels sooo good. I use it right after every shower and I'm nicely moisturized all day long! The essential oils in it puts me right to sleep if i use it at night, but makes me feel good and energized in the mornings. Love it! I carry the cheeky baby butter with me in my purse and its soo thick that it immediately coats my hands and seeps right in. It doesn't take much rubbing in either, it melts just like butter (kind of like the name!) I love these products, thank you so much for them!!"

Diana Lussenden Stewart, BABYBEARSHOP Founder/CEO & her baby bears:


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