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Stop And Smell The Roses

She held, fed & loved you like no one else on the planet for 9 months (give or take) and then she brought you into this world and held, fed & loved you even more. I think that's worth some amazingly gorgeous pesticide-free, fairly traded organic roses, don't you???

In this case, I wish I wasn't such a planner and waited to place my order with Organic Bouquet so I could have taken advantage of this sweet deal. (I missed the sale by 2 days...bummer)! You only have 4 more days to Buy One Dozen Assorted Roses, Get One Dozen Free!Or you can get a Free Vase with any Mother's Day Bouquet.

I love the fact that this company is committed to organics & fair trade and that I can help support both causes by simply purchasing my flowers from them.

And don't forget about all the special Mamas in your life...Mom, Grandma, Mother-in-law, Sister, Sister-in-law, Aunt, Cousin, Friend...and then check "Buy Mother's Day gifts" off your never ending to do list :)


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