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Are You Picking Up What He's Putting Down?

Here at Fig+Sage, we're all about sharing our beauty secrets, organic finds and sweet baby products. As you're about to find out - that's not all we're about! Today we're talking poop, dog poop that is.

If you own a dog, the subject of waste removal is never far from your mind. Even after only 2 years of being a dog owner myself, I have probably picked up thousands of my pooch's "droppings." To be perfectly honest, it wasn't until recently that I started thinking about the impact those potty breaks might have on the environment. I was thankful that our apartment complex provided doggy "clean-up" bags in handy locations so that I could properly pick up after my pet. The concept of this is great, especially because not picking up after your pet is extremely toxic to our environment. Sadly, the negative impact could be just the same if the waste is thrown into our landfills in a plastic bag that can't decompose. Here I thought I was being a responsible citizen and pet owner by picking up after my pooch, but I've learned there's more to it than that.

Dog waste is a pretty serious problem. It contains E. Coli, Salmonella, Tuberculosis and Roundworm and if not disposed of properly, it can get washed into our waterways. While throwing the "doo" away in little plastic bags is more sanitary now, the long-term pollution factor doesn't look so good. Just like we're moving away from plastic bags at the grocery store, we should be moving away from plastic pet waste bags - but what do we do instead?

Well, the folks who invented the "FLUSHADOO" pet waste bag have answered that question brilliantly. For the past several days, I have been using these very sturdy yet very eco-friendly bags to pick up after my Golden Retriever. The difference between these and most waste bags is that they are completely flushable! By using the waste water treatment systems, our dog waste is taken care of the way it should be - down the toilet. This is awesome (well, as awesome as dog poop removal can be!) Let me warn you, it feels extremely weird to flush something that looks like a plastic bag down the toilet. I had to do a little experiment with one in a bowl of water to see for myself that it would actually disintegrate once I flushed it. It worked!

The cost of these eco-friendly FLUSHADOOs are about $15 for 30 bags but the long-term cost of water pollution is a lot more expensive. See for yourself how good it feels to be an eco-conscious dog-owner and start flushing your doggy's doos.


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