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First Aid Goes Herbal

I just returned from a nine day business trip and anyone who travels frequently can attest that it’s quite easy to put on a few while on the road since eating out a lot is usually in order. That’s why I came prepared with organic nuts, fruit and soups. One of the nights, I chilled out in my room, surfed the internet & heated up some Amy's Organic soup for dinner. I reached into the micro and pulled the very full & steaming bowl out. My arms, with piping hot bowl in hand, were half way down to the counter when boiling soup spilled over the bowl’s edge onto my left hand. I dropped the bowl & pursed my lips in pain. It burned bad, real bad; like a very bad sunburn & two of my fingers were bright red & developing blisters. I mentally scanned my bags to think of what healing potion could help this situation. I rushed to & riffled through one until I found my All Good Goop. I rinsed, dried my hand, then slathered Goop on my fingers. Within minutes the burning subsided substantially. I applied it a couple more times before bed and 4 more times the next day until the redness, blisters and burning had disappeared completely.

That’s the first reason why I love it…because it works! The other is obvious, it’s ingredients are totally pure & the last is because it’s made just a couple towns over from where we grew up in the foggy fishermen town of Morro Bay, CA. (I suppose there is one more reason…it smells of heavenly lavender….and I LOVE lavender for it's soothing smell and many healing and calming properties. It’s one of my favorite herbs!).

Goop uses include:

-Cuts & scrapes
-Minor burns & sunburn
-Bug bites & stings
-Chapped lips
-Diaper rash
-Cracked lips
-Cracked or calloused hands

Check it out at Elemental Herbs and add this healing treasure to your first aid kit! Minimum order is $25 if you order direct, or you can search for a retailer closest to you on their site.

Happy healing!


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