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Color Me Cool + Organic :: speesees + Kate Quinn Organic Baby Clothes

Ever wonder why organic cotton clothing is so boring...and beige? Well, I do. I understand that it looks more "natural" and there are some legitimate concerns about the use of heavy metal dyes in cotton clothing. Does that mean that there are no alternatives and we must all live in this lifeless state of ecru? Nope!

There are a few organic cotton clothing companies out there right now who know that you don't have to abolish color along with the pesticides. Using low-impact dyes and natural pigments, my two favorite organic cotton baby clothing companies have ditched the notion that organic equals plain. That's why I adore the designs from Kate Quinn Organics and Speesees baby clothes.

I love color. You wouldn't be able to tell this by looking in my closet, but it's apparent when you look in my son's. I think little boys deserve to wear fun, bright colors as much as little girls do and boys and girls alike can wear the super fun, super comfortable clothes from Kate Quinn and Speesees. Even better, mom's don't have to worry about toxic dyes sitting on their sensitive baby's skin all day. The best of both worlds!

Some of my favorite items in my son's closet are made by these fun, organic and fair trade companies. My little guy has several kimonos and bodysuits from Kate Quinn and an ultra-cute jumper and yoga pants from Speesees. I have a whole lot more on my mental wish list though! All of these products are staples in my son's wardrobe and I can feel good knowing that he is super cute and super safe at the same time!

Of course, I understand that it's not always cheap to live the organic lifestyle you might wish for. That's why Fig+Sage is always on the lookout for good deals for our readers. Right now Kate Quinn is having a 30% off sale to make room for summer items - so you can add some more color to your organic baby's wardrobe without breaking the bank. Sweet!

To learn more about the benefits of organic cotton visit Healthy Child Healthy World and OTA.


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