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Pangea: Utopia for the Lips

I haven't always been this obsessed with lip balm. It's a fairly recent situation. Sure, I have tried many different types of balm, and I even stuck with my favorite brand (starts with "Burt's", ends with "Bees") for years. I was content with the results and I couldn't beat the price and I liked the fact that it was virtually "gunk" free. I was destined for life-long loyalty to the little yellow tube...

that's until I tried the incredibly luxurious Egyptian Fennel with Grapefruit and Sweet Orange Lip Balm by Pangea Organics!

The folks at Pangea have absolutely blown me away with their wonderfully aromatic, pure and effective products, as well as their dedication to sustainable living and business practices. I have used almost all of their products (which will be sure to show up in future blog posts) and I have yet to be disappointed, or even nonchalant about any of them. This company knows how to do organic right.

The Egyptian Fennel with Grapefruit and Sweet Orange Lip Balm is my favorite out of the 3 balms offered by Pangea. (Don't get me wrong though, the other 2 are fabulous as well!) The smell and taste of pure grapefruit and orange on your lips is a refreshing treat any time of the year.

I am not a fan of super emollient types of balm - I do not like the feel of grease on my lips, no matter what it's from. There is nothing greasy about this balm yet it is very moisturizing and it even makes your lips look more full. I know - could it get any better? Yes! Not only is this product effective and great smelling, it is also very chicly packaged in an orange and brown label that will remind you of the little bit of luxury you hold in your purse or pocket. OK, I'm almost done...I promise. To top it all off, the geniuses at Pangea have packaged this little goody in a larger than average tube, so it lasts a lot longer than most tubes of lip balm.

This balm is by far, the most effective in healing my chapped lips, lifting my spirits every time I apply it (no joke) and satisfying the need for a little luxury in my life.

Through April 30, Pangea is offering 20% off their entire product line if you order off their website - so go get yourself a little bit of lip heaven and let us know what you think! $13 for .25 oz. @ E

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