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If You're Going to Eat Your Lipstick...

March 2012 Update:  We've learned a lot since we started four years ago, when this post was first published.  As you can see below, we also bought into the facts and figures tossed around by the media about how much lipstick we consume in our lifetime instead of doing our own research.  For an updated perspective (with actual research and facts) and to learn whether there's more lead in lipstick, bottled water or salad dressing click here. 

Shouldn't it be organic? Or at the very least edible? Since the average woman will consume SIX POUNDS of lipstick in her lifetime, why not opt for one without lead, carcinogens or neurotoxins? Whether you're purchasing your lip color from the drugstore or the department store, most of them contain toxic nasties you wouldn't think of eating. (FD&C, D&C, Yellow #1 and any of the "lakes" are toxic to the nervous system for example.)

The nice peeps over at Perfect Organics so generously sent each of us a box full of organic skincare treats to try out. My favorite is their Vegan/Organic Lip & Cheek Shimmer. (Personally, I prefer it on my lips). Think of it as a lip balm/gloss with just the right amount of color. This is perfect for me since I don't like the painted/stained look of a heavy lipstick. It smells/tastes of mint & vanilla and of course, is made with certified organic ingredients and completely edible (although I'm not recommending you make a snack of it).

I prefer "Faz" for Spring, a nice fresh pink tone. If you prefer a deeper shade, "DC" is a good choice. Find your perfect shade (7 available) at Perfect Organics. $18.99 for a .15 oz tube.


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