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Exclusive heads-up just for our readers!

I just got word from the lovely President, Lynda Keeler that on Monday, April 21st they are featuring the brand-new-to-the-market RuMe Fair Trade Produced Reusable Bag Series for the Stylish Environmentally-Conscious Consumer. 3 bags for $28.50, however when Delight features a product, they usually put it on sale (for 1 day only), so check back on Monday around 10am PST/12pm CST to find out. The Spring in New York set is bright & fun and great for Spring or Summer (would make a cute beach bag) and the Silicon Valley set is a bit more serious, great for toting to work or out at night.

Here are some details about RuMe bags :

The RuMe bag is versatile, durable and designed for daily use -- in any situation: grocery or mall shopping; as a gym, diaper or beach bag; picnics, overnighters or laundry; or as a reusable gift bag.

The RuMe Bag is unlike any other reusable bag on the market today based on their design and the way they are manufactured.

RuMe Bags are Functional:

-- The long 11.5" handle is sized to carry over any shoulder -- male or female

-- The innovative box-stitch side and bottom design offers a structured environment for loading goods

-- Made from water-resistant 180 denier polyester, bags can hold more than 50lbs.

-- A set of three RuMe Bags are about the size of a coffee cup when rolled and tied together

RuMe Bags are Manufactured Responsibly:

The RuMe Bag is designed and packaged following a no-waste philosophy, so there is no superfluous packaging or waste.

Most importantly, all RuMe products are designed in the U.S. and manufactured in South Korea in a government certified Fair Trade Factory that incorporates a fair, living wage for all factory employees, ample meal breaks, pay for overtime, and work in a modern, clean, well lit space.


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