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Danger in a Bottle?

There has been quite a buzz going around over the past few months about Bisphenol-A (or "BPA") around the world. It has been on the radar in the "natural" circles for a while now, but the rest of the world seems to be catching on recently too. The Today Show just ran a segment on the potential dangers of BPA and the LA Times also published an article about the toxic substance found in many plastic baby bottles, sippy cups and formula cans (among other things.) In fact, this past Friday Canada officially banned the substance from bottles and drinking cups because of the overwhelming evidence that this substance is doing harm to our kids. So to all you moms out there: if you haven't been already, it's time to get informed about BPA.

While the FDA still claims that the estrogen mimicking substance is harmless in the levels that humans consume them, many scientists are adamantly denying that claim. A shocking list of disorders are now being linked to this substance, such as infertility, cancer, ADHD, and the list goes on. It seems to me that if there were any risk at all about harming our children, we wouldn't take any chances and we would get these products off of the shelves for good. Sadly, this is just not happening.

So before this starts to sound like it's all doom and gloom, I will tell you the good news. Many companies are now taking a stance on the issue and making plastic baby bottles and sippy cups without the use of BPA! The options are out there now, it's just a matter of raising awareness with parents and demanding more out of the companies who don't follow suit. Chances are, many of you were already aware of the use and potential dangers of BPA, but are having trouble knowing where to buy them or choosing the best one for your baby.

A few weeks ago, S stumbled across a site that is a dream come true for parents who are concerned about BPA. The Soft Landing is a site where you can find out which products are safe to use with your baby (BPA free) and how they compare to each other. Not only that, but you can also purchase the products that they review, including sample kits of different types of BPA free bottles - awesome!

The Soft Landing Logo + Products 3-12-08

Alicia Voorhies, author of The Soft Landing blog, set out years ago to investigate products and their use of BPA. She has personally contacted many companies who make baby products to ask what they use to make them (information that is not shared on the packaging.) As a new mom, I am thrilled to find a site that helps parents find toxin-free products for their little ones. Really, it's hard enough trying to keep an active 10-month-old safe from the world around him - I shouldn't have to worry about the safety of what he's drinking out of!

Navigating the murky waters of safe-to-use baby products can be a daunting task. I know at times I have been overwhelmed thinking about which diapers, bottles, toys and clothes I should use. With some education and some help from The Soft Landing, those choices become a little easier.


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