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Our email address is: 
hello (at) figandsage (dot) com

To Our Lovely Readers:

Have questions, product suggestions, just want to say "hey"? We love to hear from our readers (and it makes us a bit giddy when you email with compliments too)! One thing to know is that due to the sheer volume of emails we receive, we may be unable to personally respond to your inquiries relating to product recommendations or solutions for your particularly ailment or dilemma. We do want you to know that we read every email and if you ask a question that we believe applicable to a wider audience (all readers) then you may just see the answer show up on the blog in the form of our "Dear Fig+Sage" feature. We want to help everyone and anyone who wants it, but we only have so many hours in the day and only so many fingers to type with. Thank you so much for understanding.

To Our Fellow Bloggers:

Interested in a link exchange? Great! Drop us a line and let us know. We love connecting with fellow bloggers. If we feel your blog fits in line with the vision, feel, look and criteria of Fig+Sage, we'll gladly post a link to your blog in our Blogroll and ask that you do the same.

To Companies/PR Firms:
Want to send us a press release, inform of us a new brand or product or want to pass along details of an event or sale? Email hello {at} figandsage {dot} com and we'll check it out! 

Want us to write about your product(s)? 

We've got to experience it first hand in order to decide if it's our new favorite thing - so please write to find out where you can send your item.  Sending us a product to try does not guarantee a review or write-up. Only products that are effective, we like or love and that meet our criteria below will appear in a review. And if we love it, we don't hesitate to rave about it. If we don't like it or weren't impressed, we'll let you know.  We are, after all, likely your target demographic and we love to help companies identify where they can improve. We will provide you with candid and constructive feedback.  Think of us as a focus group committed to honesty in order for you to improve.

Your product(s) must meet the following criteria to be considered for Fig+Sage:

All goods, services, sales and events promoted on are carefully chosen and must meet our standards in order to be written about. Is it organic? Is it eco-friendly? Is it healthy? it fabulous? Does it looks good? Is it stylish? Is it effective? Is it newsworthy? Is it organic skin care, organic body care, organic baby skin care, organic baby clothes, organic food product, healthy supplements, organic pet care, organic clothing, eco-fashion, eco-friendly home goods, recycled paper goods that are stylish and modern? Does it fit with the other items and topics we've featured? If yes, then we may be onto something! 

IMPORTANT! Please make sure you read through our entire Ingredients We Avoid section before contacting us. This will help eliminate wasting time for both of us. Thank you!
Sending us your product to review? If it meets our criteria, we'd love to know more!  Here are the steps:

1). Email us with company bio, product description(s), website link, large product photos (at least 500 pixels wide), full disclosure ingredient lists and state any certifications products have to verify claims.  We cannot receive too much information!

2). If we like what we see, we will contact you and provide our shipping address. Please email us a tracking number.  We receive many shipments every week and we can best keep track of everything if it can be tracked.  

*Note: Sending us product does not automatically guarantee a review or write-up. If we aren't happy with the experience we have with your product we will not promote it. We will either not write about it at all or we may tell our readers about our personal experience with it.  

3). Once we receive your product, it will go into our product review queue.  We typically test out products anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on what it is. 

4). If we write about your product, we will email you with a link to our review after it is published. 

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