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Moisturizing Rituals: Organic Body Polish

The first day of Spring & Easter has come and gone, but the snow & freezing temperatures have not. Spring has always meant tulips & daffodils and hunting for eggs in bright green grass, but here in Middle America none of the things that represent Spring have appeared. There is much adaptation that goes on when transplanting from usually-mid-seventies-degree-weather-land to five-months-and-counting-of-winter-land. Winter sucks the moisture right out of the air and in turn, your skin. Whether you're in the heated indoors or in the frigid elements outside, you get dried constantly moisturizing has become ritualistic. One product in particular has made this winter better is none other than Trillium Organic's Organic Body Polish. This stuff is nothing short of wonderful and it makes me happy just thinking about it! It smells amazing...and I'm talking about Clementine Clove (which I started out with at the beginning of the season when it was festive) and now Grapefruit (which I'm currently using because citrus is uplifting & happy....something oh-so-important when you haven't seen the sunshine in weeks...or has it been months?!). This product is a body wash, scrub, oil, shaving gel, & bacne healer all wrapped up into a post-consumer recycled plastic tub that you'll be proud to display in your shower! Made in small batches & shipped fresh by one of the first organic body care companies who refer to themselves as "organic zealots". Love it for yourself: 16 oz for $22.99 @

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