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Get Fresh-Faced For Spring with sukicolor

 *May 2009 Update: Fig+Sage no longer supports, endorses or uses Suki.  

To learn why, read the post and comments on our SukiSpa post here.

It was as if Suki Kramer had read my mind. While I liked the idea of mineral makeup (because it is touted as "pure" and "all natural" - although some are, some aren't) I didn't like the results I got from it. I was introduced to & starting using a well known mineral makeup line (pioneers of sorts in the industry...and they have the fancy stores to prove it). Because I prefer a fresh, not-made-up face, I didn't like the way mineral foundation looked so dry on my skin or the way it fell into fine lines ascentuating them into canals. (Who wants that? Uh...nobody!) I wanted a cross between a mineral makeup and a I concocted one myself. In the palm of my hand for about a year, I tapped a small amount of mineral foundation into my hand and mixed it with moisturizer with the tip of my finger. By mid-day, my concoction had vanished from my face because the consistency was just not right. Well, low and behold I stumbled upon a new line that had just been launched from one (if not my favorite) organic skin care companies. SukiPure had just launched SukiColor. Fabulous!

Suki's skin care philosophy is right on the money, their ingredients are truly pure, they all smell delicious and sooo effective! I was already a Suki Lemongrass Cleanser convert because it healed my blemish-prone skin like no other. So when I tried Suki's Active Tinted Moisturizer, I had high hopes, but the price tag had me holding me breath. One application and yet another fan had been born. Forget the fact that it has a high price point, it's worth every penny...there's nothing like it on the market for as pure as it is. You'll just wish you had thought of it first. I am sold and totally in LOVE with it!!! It's completely pure, nourishing, contains sunblock (natural SPF from minerals), versatile (you can add more or less moisturizer so it's just the right shade for you) & gives you a pure, fresh & glowing face AND I swear it has healed & prevented blemishes because since I've been using my face has been behaving much, much better!!! Who could want more? $42 for 1.2 oz @

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