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"We're about advocating conscious (and stylish) consumerism and that means editing out greenwash one truly organic review and fresh eco find at a time."



{What does Fig+Sage mean?}

The Fig represents femininity + fertility + for centuries Sage has been used to cleanse + beautify.

So is it Fig AND Sage or Fig PLUS Sage?

The "+" sign signifies the word "and", not "plus". We just think its a much cooler way to write "and".

{Who is S+E?}

Fig+Sage™ is a collaboration of two sisters who grew up on the Central Coast of California, who until adulthood were enemies until becoming allies and great friends. They're not hippies or tree-huggers (though nothing wrong with that) and won't ever claim to be perfect or purists. In fact one of them is trying to quit a bad paper towel habit and the other has probably used thousands of plastic bags to clean up after her dog, amongst other things. They're real-life working women who try their best to stay informed and make good decisions with the knowledge, resources and funds available to them - who interestingly enough, come from a family whose conventional (non-organic) farming beliefs and practices run deep. They share a passion for the more natural things in life; thanks to their mother, who was more inclined to treat their wounds with tea tree oil than to rush them to a doctor and from whom they inherited a desire for natural food, skin care and alternative medicine. Their father passed down to them his tenacity for researching topics he is passionate about rather than believing the hype. The combination of the two resulted in an obsession-of-sorts for discovering the very best products on the market.

They love helping people find better alternatives and they're thrilled more and more products are hitting the market with an 'organic' or 'eco' focus, but realize there is undeniable mass consumer confusion with regards to what truly 'is' and 'isn't'. Fig+Sage was created as a resource for consumers to find truly pure, stylish and low-impact goods and read honest reviews in a sea of massive greenwashing and to provide a fresh alternative to the present abundance of "crunchy" and green (figuratively and literally) blogs.

This site is dedicated to pure, natural, organic products and eco-friendly finds for your guy or girl, your baby, your pet, your home and yourself.


We DO:

-Our research.

-Use and test products ourselves before sharing our review with you. We do not review every product we test, only those we like and those that meet our stringent criteria (see below).

-Realize there are no regulating standards for the personal care industry in the U.S. (which we are passionate about) and believe consumers should make informed decisions when buying (by reading labels and asking questions) rather than relying on standards believed to exist, but do not.

-Believe what goes on goes in (skin/body care) and what goes in (food) is usually reflected on the outside.

-Like when a product has good ingredients, works and looks good!


-Believe all (so called) "natural" products are created equal.

-Think it's honest or fair when a company slaps the word "organic" or "natural" on its product and only includes a miniscule amount of it or none at all (aka "greenwashing").

-Tolerate any brand that misleads consumers or their retailers (even if we happened to like their product), claims their products are certified "natural" or "organic" when they have never been certified. (Yes, this happened to us, we contacted the certification agency ourselves and we are still very, very disappointed and sad about it!)
-Necessarily support an entire product line or brand just because we feature one product. Some brands have both products that meet our criteria and some do not, but we don't let "one bad apple spoil the bunch" so to speak. If we're in support of the entire product line up or brand, we'll state it specifically.

{Click here to find the Ingredients We Avoid}

{Full Disclosure}

We are not paid for our editorial content, nor are we employed by any of the companies we write about. We have a true passion for what we do and find satisfaction in sharing things we genuinely think are great and products we like or absolutely love. In the beginning, most of the products we featured were ones we purchased ourselves, and while we still do that on occasion, the majority of the products reviewed currently are ones we receive from companies who want us to try their product(s). We do not write about everything we receive and test out.  Our focus is to highlight good companies and products and edit out the greenwash -not give more time and energy to those that don't deserve it, though we are completely honest about our findings. Only companies, products and services that are a good fit for Fig+Sage™ are promoted and that determination is at our sole discretion.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy researching, discovering and sharing organic goods and eco-fab finds with you.



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