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Baby Must-Have: Aden+Anais Organic Muslin Wrap

Hello again from the long-lost sister! I (E) am back and I'm pregnant, and in honor of that fact I will be blogging about all things pregnancy/baby for the next 6 or so months. So, let's get started shall we?

Back in November, I had the incredible honor of attending my friend's home birth. Everything was perfect, including the baby (and I don't say that about all babies.) As a gift to baby and her amazingly strong mama, I gave them a not-yet-released organic aden+anais Muslin Wrap that I received from the company. As I suspected, it was a hit. I personally wrapped that brand new little baby in the wrap just days after she was born and she was a happy camper indeed! Now, months after the birth, her mama is still raving to me about how wonderful her wrap is. She has decided that she will only be giving aden+anais wraps to new mothers. She can't sing their praises enough!

These wraps are great for swaddling, a nursing cover-up, stroller blanket on a warmer day and probably a million other things. I only wish I would have known about aden+anais when my son was a newborn. He was born in June and loved (more like, demanded) to be swaddled so we used flannel blankets (hot!) These super-soft wraps are the perfect solution to the problem I was faced with because they will swaddle tight and still leave baby cool in the summer! Muslin has a light, open weave to allow air to flow to baby's skin while still providing the right amount of warmth and coolness - making them a perfect solution for all babies, including those with skin sensitivities.

We are so pleased to announce that aden+anais will be releasing an organic cotton wrap at the end of the month that is made from pesticide-free, ultra-soft cotton. aden+anais just got a million times better in our book!

After months and months of swaddling several times a day, I consider myself an expert on the subject and these wraps have hit the top of my chart for being the perfect swaddling size (47"x 47"), breathable, cute and effective. If you know anyone with a little one on the way or one who has recently made it's debut and you'd like to bless them with a useful and adorable gift - these wraps are your ticket!

*Psst...Look out for an Aden+Anais giveaway coming your way soon!*

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